Extreme Innovations

Extreme Innovations, LLC. was founded in April of 2013. It was formed as a way to give back to the hardworking men & woman of the trades. With a combined 25 years in the industry, they are focusing on tool elimination and are using their outside the box thinking combined with their experiences in the field to come up with ways to make the job a little less stressful and repetitive. This began with "The Job Knob", a consumer product that is a must have for anybody that uses acetylene & oxygen to weld or braze and has continued on with other innovations such as the Squeegee Supreme.


The Job Knob

Many acetylene tanks do not come with a mechanism on the valve to open them, only a metal shank. The Job Knob offers the user the ability to open and close the valve with ease without jeopardizing the integrity of the shank. The Job Knob magnetically stays with the tank in use until the time of exchange, where it can easily slide onto the new tank valve.

Squeegee Supreme

• Two tools in one • Retractable blade that locks on place for safety • 13 point break-off • Made in the USA