Wire Nuts

Easy-Twist® Wire Connectors are well known for giving you more - in less twists, less labor, less time. Flame retardant UL 94V-2 thermoplastic shell provides excellent electrical insulation. Temperature rating 105˚C (221˚F), fixed, precise square wire spring provides secure gripping of conductors. Deep skirt entry provides protection from flashover and shorts. Sure-grip ribs improve gripping ability and comfort, compact design ensures proper installation – especially in tight spaces. Threaded funnel entry guides the wires into the connector easily, pre-twisting of wires is not necessary, 1,000 volt maximum in fixtures and signs.




Product Details

Catalog Number Description Case Quantity
WN-6SJ Red, 600V max 22-10 AWG 100 per Jar
WWN-4SJ Winged Yellow Easy Twist, 600V max 18-10 AWG 100 per Jar
WWN-6SJ Winged Red Easy Twist, 600V 18-8 AWG 100 per Jar
WN-5T 4/PK WIRE NUTS O-65EA/Y-45EA/R-30EA/T-40EA 16