The Job Knob

Many acetylene tanks do not come with a mechanism on the valve to open them, only a metal shank. The Job Knob offers the user the ability to open and close the valve with ease without jeopardizing the integrity of the shank. The Job Knob magnetically stays with the tank in use until the time of exchange, where it can easily slide onto the new tank valve.
Caution: make sure valve stem is completely shut off and hoses are bled before storing tanks.

Features and Benefits:
• Open/close valve with ease
• No more stripping the stem
• Fits large and small tanks
• Stays on magnetically
• Removable- easily slides onto new tank valve
• 2 lb. draw from magnet
• Temperature range: -50/+400  

Product Details

Catalog Number Description Case Quantity
Job Knob Acetylene Tank Knob 20