Kleenhanz® is an alcohol free, superior germ and bacteria killing hand cleaning and sanitizing wipe that leaves your hands feeling soft while providing persistent germ killing protection.

Features and Benefits:
• Kleenhanz®is alcohol-free hand cleaning and sanitizing wipe that kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria on contact
Kleenhanz® won’t dry out hands or irritate cuts and scrapes
Kleenhanz® creates a physical barrier to germs
Kleenhanz® is non-flammable and non-toxic
Kleenhanz® formula is over 99% water based
• Kleenzall® cleans and absorbs contaminants
• Kleenzall® uses a dual textured towel which works quickly to loosen and remove dirt and grease
• Kleenzall® uses VOC compliant formula
• Kleenzall® can be used to clean equipment
• No more smudged invoices
• Keep your tools in new working order
• Shake hands with your customers without them shying away


Product Details

Catalog Number Description Case Quantity
KH0001W Kleenhanz® Bag (Individually Wrapped); 100 Count/Bag 10 Bags
KH0015P Kleenhanz® On-The-Go Tray; 15 Count/Pack 48 Packs
KH0030C Kleenhanz® Small Canister; 30 Count/Canister 24 Canisters
KH0070CR Kleenhanz® Large Canister; 72 Count/Canister 12 Canisters
KH0250P Kleenhanz® Towelette Dispenser Refill; 250 Count/Pack 12 Packs
KH0500C Kleenhanz® 500ct. Pail 4 Pails