Fuse Adapters

SA Fuse Adapters
Adapters for using Type S and SL rejection base fuses in Edison base fuse sockets. Amp rating rejection feature helps prevent over-fusing.
  • Fustat adapters screw into the “Edison” thread fuse sockets to easy retrofit existing fuse installations to rejection base fuses
  • Available in various amp ratings to cover a wide range of rating requirements to help prevent over-fusing
  • Typically applied to plug fuse installations where it is desirable to restrict fuse amp ratings and help prevent over-fusing
  • Certifications
    • UL Listed, File E12853
    • CSA Certified, Class 6225-01, File 47235

Product Details

Catalog Number Description Case Quantity
SA-1-1/4 Adapter for S Series 1-1/4A 10
SA-1-6/10 Adapter for S Series 1-6/10A 10
SA-6-1/4 Adapter for S Series 6-1/4A 10
SA-8 Adapter for S Series 8A 10
SA-10 Adapter for S Series 10A 10
SA-15 Adapter for S Series 15A 10