Class G Fuses (SC)

SC Class G Size-Rejecting, Current Limiting Fuses

  • Meets basic protection requirements of NEC®, Canadian Electrical Code (CEC), UL and CSA.
  • Most economical overcurrent protection solution compared to circuit breakers.
  • For use in various non-demanding, general purpose applications.
  • Compact branch-circuit units with high interrupting rating and current-limitation.
  • With up to a 600V rating, they can be used in 120/208V, 120/240V, and 277/480V circuits.
  • Size rejection by length helps prevent overfusing.
  • Fuses 7 amps and above have a degree of overload time-delay that permits them to pass temporary overloads.
  • IR: 100kA VAC RMS Sym.. (10kA Vdc)
  • 1/2 to 6A fast-acting
  • 7 to 60A time-delay.
    • 12 seconds (minimum) at 200% of rated current
  • Certification:
    • UL® Listed, Std. 248-5, Class G, Guide JDDZ, File E4273
    • CSA® Certified, C22.2 No. 248.5, Class 1422-01, File 53787
    • CE and RoHS compliant

Product Details

Catalog Number Description Case Quantity
SC-15 600V Time Delay 15A 10
SC-20 600V Time Delay 20A 10
SC-25 480V Time Delay 25A 10
SC-30 480V Time Delay 30A 10
SC-35 480V Time Delay 35A 10
SC-40 480V Time Delay 40A 10